Friday, January 29, 2010

Simple Recipe Book :: Fill in your own

Just a quick little tutorial to show you how I have made the best thing ever since sliced bread! Ok, well, sliced bread is much yummier, but this is a close second, not that you can eat this.... or that you would want to...

First, you want to start with a blank spiral bound pack of index cards. Then get yourself some cute font stamps, great ink, super cute paper and matching ribbon.

Measure (or in my case, trace) the pad onto the cute paper and cut out. Do this for both side of the pad.

Glue those down and then stamp "recipes" however you would like it appear on your pad.

Once both sides are glued on tie some matching ribbon on the spirals for a little pizazz. Hey, every great item needs it accessories. And a ribbon accessory is a must!

Now that you have successfully completed decorating your "recipes" book, it needs to be filled. I have a very special method for filling this beauty. It will make your cooking, your week, your month and yes, your entire life, so much more enjoyable! You will actually WANT to cook every night, and you will be able to! How?

Become a follower and find out tomorrow. ;-)


kelly said...

Soooo cute. Too bad I'm terrible at paper crafts. This would be perfect for our family favorites!

raviraj said...

Thank you so much for taking my comments on board....I am so glad I bought this app and so looking forward to the future updates

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