Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, sorta.

I am swamped due to more scheduled shows. Yay for me! But I'm suffering from BB, "bloggers block". I have thought about several different things I could write about, but would you all really be interested in what I had for breakfast or how many loads of laundry I did for the day? Ya, somehow, I didn't think so. :)

As a way to welcome myself back, I am hosting a great giveaway from a wonderful woman who makes amazing things! Fragrant Offering is giving away one body mist and one lip balm. She makes these all with her very own hands. You can find her Etsy store HERE.

The people at Fragrant Offering create unique bath and body products scented with ancient Biblical essential oils. They use imported Dead Sea salt from Masada,Israel because it has ten times more minerals than regular sea salt.

"The Bible mentions several essential oils that were used for healing, annointing, or just purely for their fragrance. Every item we make has the scripture where it was found, some background for how it was used, and the essential oil information."

For your chance to win just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is from their store (which you can see HERE or HERE).

Random number generator will pick a winner and then Fragrant Offering will mail you the product. The contest is open until Sunday at 12 midnight. I will announce the winner Monday morning.

You're so excited, I know! I just love her stuff, and I know you will too!

P.S. If you want to check out other giveaways going on, click on the picture below!


The Queen of Clearance said...

the odds of commenter number 1 winning are probably not very good! but oh well! Im in! I went to their store and I Love the Mary of Bethany- Goat's Milk Soap. I love soaps and lotions made from goats milk!

LDH said...

Hello Anna Sophia (what a pretty name!) Just stopping in for the first time to thank you for entering my giveaway. What a sweet place you have here. I checked the links for all of the awesome items and thought the Hand and Body Lotion with Jojoba Oil would be fun to try. Count me in :)
Kindly, ldh

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)