Friday, April 17, 2009

My recent swap

I love swap-bot. If you haven't checked already, you really should. So much fun!

The most recent one I was in was a profile swap. You get a partner and swap items based on what their profile says they like. Unfortunately, a member in the swap had their partner flake out on them (which sometimes happens, but the website is REALLY good at monitoring and banning). Anyway, I angeled for her and sent her a few things from Michael's I thought she might like, plus I gave her a card out of my shop and made her a journal (b/c she likes journals). Here is what I made her. She didn't specify what colors she likes, so I hope she likes this.

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Sarah Mae said...

Very lovely - nice job!

Would you be interseted in donating any of your handmade items to my blogaversary party at the end of May? I will feature your etsy shop for seven days if you're intersted!